Nourish offers destination retreats to restore your whole being: mind, body and soul.  More than a yoga retreat, each program also combines elements of inner and outer exploration through experiential workshops, travel excursions, time in community with like minded people and intentional periods of solitude for rest and rejuvenation.  

Each retreat is thoughtfully created and mindfully led. Let us guide you on a retreat of personal exploration in a beautiful, nurturing environment.  Taking time away will lead you to insights that will change your perspective on life and renew your heart and soul.



Change your thoughts, change your mind

Our habitual thoughts carve out pathways in our brain. After a while we don’t believe we have the option to think or feel differently. Interrupt your patterns however, and quiet your mind, and you will begin to hear the inner messages that have long gone unnoticed. Experiential workshops and yoga practices along with deep conversation with other women shall shift what you believe about yourself: how you think and what you feel.


something in the way
you move

We embody our emotions, we eat our stress or hold it in tight shoulders and backs. Your body can learn new things when it is taught to move and breathe differently. Yoga is a kinesthetic experience of breaking your movement patterns. Discern the inner cues that can heal and restore your body as you are skillfully led in classical yoga poses/practices.




You don’t find meaning,
you make it

Life is hectic and demanding so our spiritual selves often go un-nourished and unexplored.  Given time and space to slow down and reflect, insights come. Connect with your soul and you will tap into deep creativity and empathy.  Find/discover/rediscover what you are meant to do and who you are meant to be.




Your New Beginning

November 3-10, 2018

Visit one of the last places on earth that remains virtually untouched by civilization. Let the islands that inspired Darwin’s Theory of Evolution inspire your own personal evolution in a setting unlike any other. Marvel at vividly painted birds and prehistoric-looking animals that are unique in all the world.  Let your own unique self come alive in the Galapagos!

Costa Rica

Re-Ignite Play!

Next retreat TBD

Imagine being perched on the majestic Costa Rican quartz mountains gazing down at the expansive lush valleys.  At this level, anything is possible.  Relaxation comes naturally when you’re surrounded by the calming sounds of birds chirping and water flowing.  As you breath it all in, you are reminded what life is really all about.  Pura Vida!  This is a moment which will stay with you forever.