Is Your Cup Empty or full?

Is your cup empty or full?  If you're like most, it's full.  It most likely is running over!  Like a closet, if it is filled with too many clothes you just can't fit anything else in.  Our mind is similar.  If we have so much going on how can we see the beauty in the crunching leaves of Fall, the cool breeze on our cheek or the methodical snore of our dear pet?  The answer is easy.  We can't.

Leo at Zen Habits invites you to soak up the wonderment of the emerging moment.

He suggests, one of the most peaceful, meditative states is when you’re just open to noticing what’s around you and happening in the present moment. You’re just receiving the world around you (yourself included), soaking in the light, colors, shapes, sounds, touch sensations, just noticing.

What would you notice if your cup wasn't always full?  Read More

The practice of mindfulness is powerful. Besides its stress-relieving benefits, research shows it can make us more productive, healthy, and compassionate. But when we focus on being mindful of our good fortune specifically, it can also boost relationships, optimism, and overall contentment. Here are 30 words of wisdom on the topic that inspire us to keep up our daily gratitude practice. See More

The process of cooking is an interesting time for me.  It is a push pull between rushing through the preparation of the meal and slowing the process taking each step mindfully.  I like to get things done, check my to do list and feel like I've been productive.  My journey is in slowing things down, focusing on the task at hand and not worrying about what's to come.  I would like to share this delicious recipe I've been making for a while now, compliments of Vegan Richa. Are you a productive chef or can you focus on each little step and enjoy the process?  Enjoy the recipe here.