Just Do It

Just do it - Nike so eloquently coined the phrase in the 90's (ya, it was that long ago).  It is short sweet and a powerful message which clearly resonates with people.  Just do it!  So why don't we just do it?  Many reasons and most happen between our ears.  Our behaviours are driven by our thoughts and our thoughts are driven by our beliefs.  So how can you get out of your head and just do it?  I want to share a simple but powerful post by our own Nourish retreat leader Erin Byron.  Erin shares easy steps to start changing your brain.  When you change your brain, you change your life.  Now just do it. Read more.


I love James McCrae.  He writes about Sh#t Your Ego Says and he's brilliantly accurate which again proves we all share similar experiences.  I love how James calls out the ego with brutal honestly.  In this very short post he shares his experience of the ego telling him to stay safe.  Read more.


Ever make cookies with chickpeas and no flour?  What is your mind telling you right now?  Maybe it's time to just do it.  Try something different and whip up a batch of these nourishing treats compliments of Plant Inspired Kitchen. Read More.