YOU are part of a growing trend!

Why the heck are retreats so popular and growing?!
It’s no surprise that over 5.5million people (in the US) attended retreats last year and the world-wide wellness industry in general is a $3.7 TRILLION dollar business – yes trillion!
Not only are retreats effective but they are also needed.

77% of people say they regularly feel the physical symptoms of stress

73% of people say they feel the psychological symptoms of stress. 

That’s a lot of stress.

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Our culture believes in and rewards doing more and more.  We are expected to be super women … ALWAYS!  Taking a break or slowing down is often labeled as lazy or weak.  And don’t forget the positive movement – always be positive!!
Well I’m here to tell you we’re just not wired that way.  You can push as hard as you like but eventually you’ll need to take a break.  Your body may do this for you in the form of sickness or even symptoms of anxiety or depression.

We can’t continue to give without replenishing.

The power of a Retreat  ... let me count the ways.

Retreat is defined as “the act of moving back or withdrawing”.  Exactly!  It is the act of moving back to the basics, withdrawing from your normal routine and rebooting your inner equilibrium to step back into your life with a greater sense or balance and clarity.

  1. A retreat provides the space to embody the habits which will ultimately nourish you and practice those tools you will take home.
  2. When you step away from your hectic life you create the space to focus solely on your own feelings, needs, and personal development.
  3. There is also the powerful effect of doing inner work over a span of several days. The psyche begins to unfold like a flower in bloom as you keep shining the warming rays of attention onto the issues at hand.
  4. When you’re in an unfamiliar environment there is a loosening of psychological knots and the breaking down of emotional walls. In a different location, resistance fades and it’s easier to let go of habitual and counter-productive attitudes, beliefs and expectations.
  5. You’re more open-minded and flexible when you’re out of our normal routine. In a new environment, with a fresh perspective, you’re more willing to explore new solutions to old problems.
  6. The group setting allows you to feel deeply connected to other like-minded people as you share your journey of transformation. The realization that you’re not alone is both reassuring and affirming and it accelerates the process of personal growth.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it.

Re-Ignite Play! in Costa Rica has been designed for this very purpose.

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See you on retreat,

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