Never under estimate the power of our senses.  They control how we perceive the world.  When engaged in a way which is nourishing, we thrive!  Here are some of our favourite things which nourish all five senses.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Penny Lane Organics

We love Penny Lane Organics! It's no surprise they have won best natural deodorant and best face wash from the Clean Beauty Awards.  Their recipes and products are based on their personal philosophy and belief that mother nature can provide everything we need to clean our bodies and our homes, to nourish our skin and protect it from weather elements – naturally, without harsh man-made chemicals.

Their amazing line of 100% Natural products are VEGAN / VEGETARIAN, GLUTEN FREE, and of course CHEMICAL FREE. You wouldn’t put something IN our bodies that you won’t put it ON our bodies. Right? Therefore when they design their own proprietary recipes for natural personal care products they choose ingredients that are often found in the kitchen or garden.

Their recipes are so simple that some of the products are made with as few as three ingredients (the Scent Free Deodorant) and the most ‘complex’ recipe has less than 10 ingredients.

Everything is connected and when we nourish the body with pure products, we nourish our entire being.  Thanks to Penny Lane Organics, our retreat participants will be sampling some of these wonderful products!

The Honest Leaf

The Honest Leaf is a line of loose leaf wellness teas created by registered nutritionist, Shelby Kroach. Their goal is to provide authentic blends that help to nourish and support a healthy mind and body.  Sound familiar? Shelby decided to take her passion for health and wellness and combine it with her love for tea.  She created a line of wellness teas that specifically targets various systems in the body, focusing on detoxification, digestion, relaxation, energy, balancing blood sugar, and immune health.

Each blend is carefully formulated with the finest all natural and organic herbs, spices and tea leaves. She believes in providing authentic flavours to her customers, and therefore does not add artificial ingredients into her blends. The Honest Leaf is all about simplicity, transparency and honesty.

We love the Nourish blend!  It’s made with organic rosehips, organic green rooibos, organic elderberries, organic orange peel, organic nettle, organic oat straw, organic calendula & organic orange extract.  It has a very mild and gentle taste of berry and citrus with earthy undertones.  High in minerals, it’s a welcome addition to all our Nourish retreats!

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Ryan Heflin

You know how it feels when you have a soundtrack for a magical moment in time?  Like a familiar smell, it transports you back  and you relive your joyous experience.  At Nourish Retreats we help create that soundtrack with the acoustic charms of Ryan Heflin.

Ryan is a believer in the magic and the miracle that is our bizarre existence, and that renewed wonder and gratitude will save our sleepy souls.  Art plays a powerful part in this renewal, reminding us of the infinite angles and details that are always accessible to us inside of each moment, and in doing so, reminding us of our own hidden, forgotten infinitude and creative potency.

Ryan is gifted musician who sings and plays guitar with a laid-back acoustic, beachy, bluesy, soulful, singer-songwriter flow.  He believes music is a metaphor for life, only revealing its secrets if you come to her honestly, that is, if you are completely present.

I invite you to get swept away by the magic that is Ryan Heflin.