Travel brings power and love back into your life
— Rumi


Travel teaches you about other places and people, but that is secondary to what it teaches you about yourself.  Whether you travel for adventure or to slow the pace and relax, you cannot help but experience renewed curiosity and a deeper wonder about the world and your place in it.

Galapagos retreat

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November 3-10, 2018

Visit one of the last places on earth that remains virtually untouched by civilization. Let the islands that inspired Darwin’s Theory of Evolution inspire your own personal evolution in a setting unlike any other. Marvel at vividly painted birds and prehistoric-looking animals that are unique in all the world.  Let your own unique self come alive in the Galapagos!

Costa Rica
Re-Ignite Play!

Next retreat TBD

Imagine being perched on the majestic Costa Rican quartz mountains gazing down at the expansive lush valleys.  At this level, anything is possible.  Relaxation comes naturally when you’re surrounded by the calming sounds of birds chirping and water flowing.  As you breath it all in, you are reminded what life is really all about.  Pura Vida!  This is a moment which will stay with you forever.