Breathe. Relax. Be.

Pearl white sand, calm turquoise waters, cool Caribbean breezes – Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.”  For 6 days and 5 nights, immerse yourself in this beautiful and tranquil seaside setting.  Let it be the ultimate mirror of your own beauty.


Your journey is guided daily, attentively and intuitively by Erin Byron, psychotherapist, yoga therapist, trainer, author and speaker.

Transformational workshops will focus on personal exploration and heartfelt sharing with others.  Guided yoga sessions will complement workshops to support your new-found self-knowing and personal insights. 

With compassion, care, and a true interest in each person as an individual, Erin will listen deeply and endeavor to make genuine connections with each participant so that you feel seen, supported, and uplifted by a personalized sense of interest in your own unique journey. Your specific learning questions and ideas relating to individual themes are woven into the larger themes of the workshops and excursions so that you perceive your challenges with new eyes and new hope.  With over 15 years experience facilitating transformational workshops, Erin brings passion and skill which will benefit each retreat participant.

Your sharing circle will conclude each day as you process your learning and share your insights and discoveries in a safe and nurturing space with other awesome like minded women.

The realized knowledge Erin shares has profoundly changed the way I think and how I live.
— M.V.

Unplug. unwind. recharge.

Play!  Our balanced retreat includes plenty of opportunities for exploration.  Imagine -  practice yoga on a paddle board in the Caribbean Sea.  Discover the exquisite nature pool.  Bask in the sun on a private afternoon sail along Aruba's coast.  Enjoy the space and time to reflect and integrate all that you are learning.  Relax and let go into the gift of solitude. 

Retreat Objectives

  • Establish a Joy Agenda for your life and engage in multifaceted experiences of happiness!
  • Experience evidence-based yoga practices for a balanced mind, strong body, and deeper sense of self-love.
  • Apply mindfulness techniques to cultivate on-going awareness and calm in daily life.
  • Face your habitual tendencies in a safe, playful environment to shift perspective and gain mastery over these impulses.
  • Discover a personalized plan to take home so that the insights of your time away weave naturally into your everyday life.