Trade In Your Everyday Stress
For A Plane Ticket To The Galapagos Islands!

Our retreats in the Galapagos Islands provide the positive energy, relaxation, and self-fulfillment you’ve been looking for. Whether you want to do Galapagos on your own or with a group of equally deserving friends, planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands with us will transform you - body, mind & soul.


This was a retreat of a lifetime in the most amazing part of the world I have ever been!
— Liz

Visit The Galapagos Islands with us

Thinking of planning a trip to The Galapagos? The volcanic shores of the Galapagos Islands teem with life – thousands of species --  and with no natural predators, every single one greets you fearlessly.  This is the world’s #1 “Bucket List” destination for good reason. No two islands are alike in this archipelago, a natural wonderland that will evoke your curiosity and awe. 

For eight days and seven nights, immerse yourself in this miraculous setting, where the land and water conspire to teach you, rejuvenate you and restore your sense of wonder.  There is no better place for a new beginning.

you on your Galapagos Retreat:

You will be guided by seasoned naturalists on snorkeling adventures and thrilling hikes to cloud forests and lava tunnels. Here are just a few of the adventures that await:

Hike the 600 meter wooden footpath of Bartolome Island, up and up, ever steeper!  The reward for your climb? A perfect view of iconic Pinnacle Rock, an extinct volcanic cone and one of the world’s most photographed sights. As you go, keep on the lookout for lava herons and Galapagos hawks. (You can always say you want to snap a photo if you need to catch your breath!)


The shimmering, panoramic views of Santiago Island and Daphne Major lounging in the glittering Pacific will take your breath away. Back down at the beach watch for penguins at play and darting Sally lightfoot crabs, (whose colors look like a bag of Skittles that’s come to life!)  Snorkeling enthusiasts will be wowed by a rainbow of fish, friendly sea lions and sea turtles, maybe even a shark or two.

Kayak on Tortuga (Turtle) Bay, a pristine beach on the southern coast of Santa Cruz that boasts soft white sand that trickles into the turquoise sea.  Named for the black turtles that nest here each season, Tortuga is a sheltered, serene bay where marine life abounds.  Kayaking allows you to draw close to rays, white-tip sharks, brilliantly colored reef fish, and of course, sea turtles.

Snorkel and marvel at the land and marine life at North Seymour Island, where the largest population of blue-footed boobies do their world-famous mating dance.  Watch frigatebirds steal the boobies’ catch of the day and learn what it means to really relax by watching a shoreline full of sea lion bathing beauties!  

Explore the islands from a different perspective on a Santa Cruz Highlands Tour, which is unlike any of your sea-level destinations. The cooler temperatures nurture different flora and fauna.  You will visit the large lava tunnels that occur throughout the island.  Of course you will encounter the Giant Galapagos Tortoise in its natural habitat – a living wonder of evolution.  Did you know that these creatures can go nearly a year without eating or drinking? 

Planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands Is easier when everything is planned for you in advance. Want to find out what a whole day would be like in paradise? Download your Galapagos Islands retreat itinerary here.

On these excursions you will find a new appreciation for your place in this miraculous world.  Come discover how your personal story fits into this ancient, rugged and beautiful accident of evolution that we call “life.” 

This retreat offered my roadmap for personal evolution. Go! It will be fun, it will challenge you and it will be worth it!
— Neil

This Galapagos Retreat is perfect for you

Wondering if this the retreat of your dreams?  A visit to the Galapagos Islands is perfect for you if:

  • You feel uplifted and inspired by closeness to animals.
  • You love the diverse beauty of waters, greens, and sweet flowers.
  • You bask in bright blue days and warm starry nights.
  • You are intrigued by the fascinating science of our natural world.
  • You are ready for a deeper connection with yourself and the true depth of magic and wonder life has to offer.

Galapagos Retreat: YOUR NEW BEGINNING.

Excursions will help you see the world with new eyes, but imagine going home transformed, inspired, and able to respond to your day-to-day life with renewed joy and grace.


Erin Byron will be your personal guide on an interior journey of hope and inspiration. Erin's exciting background includes:

  • Over 15 years experience leading retreats
  • Co-author of Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety which was #1 on Amazon's Hot New Release list and was recently featured in Yoga Digest, Yoga Journal and the Huffington Post
  • Co-author of  Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Mindful Living
  • Psychotherapist for 15 years
  • Co-founder of Yoga Therapist Training programme
  • Trained 100's of yoga teachers and yoga therapists
  • Presents at international conferences on Yoga Therapy

Erin’s insight will touch you: body, mind and soul.  Erin brings compassion and a genuine interest in each individual.  She listens deeply and teaches intuitively to honor your unique journey and to ensure that you feel heard and healed.  With over 15 years experience facilitating transformational workshops, Erin brings passion and skill which will benefit each retreat participant.

If you are looking for a retreat that is extremely well-organized, that integrates asana, yoga philosophy & spirituality, is in a fascinating location with excellent food, accommodations and great excursions, then the Nourish Galapagos Retreat is for you!
— Susan, Yoga Studio Owner

Erin’s gift is her ability to genuinely connect with each and every person on the voyage.  One of Erin’s skills is to integrate individual learning objectives with the larger themes of the workshops and excursions so that you will see your challenges with new eyes and new hope.

Through yoga practices and experiential workshops that weave seamlessly into your exploration of the islands, Erin will help you rediscover your origins of essential wholeness and resilience.    

The Best Time To Visit The Galapagos Islands Is Now

You are connected to all living things.  A visit to the Galapagos Islands will help remind you that you are a part of the diversity of life.  Let this time away be your new beginning.

Visit the Galapagos Islands With Us!

November 2018