Helping women reconnect and rediscover a life of deep meaning and joy.


Why Nourish?

If you feel like you need to be perfect: at home and at work… Nourish is a chance to relax and let go.

If you work hard, but not with the passion and fire you imagined when you set out … Nourish gives you the time and space to create a Joy Agenda for your life.

If people depend on you, and you habitually put your needs aside… Nourish will encourage a deeper sense of self-love and care.

If you know how stress can impact you… Nourish will help establish new patterns in your body and mind to rebuild your resilience and prevent the dis-ease that stress can bring.

If you wish to align more fully with your true purpose… Nourish will help you discover whether there is more to life than the way you’ve been living it.

Now is the right time to bring your well-being into focus, for today and for the future.

Our Retreats are designed to artfully integrate yoga, experiential workshops and travel into a nourishing program to provide women an opportunity to de-stress, explore and gain new perspective. 

We will guide you to reconnect with your inner resilience through ancient, scientifically proven, healing practices.  

Nourish Retreats encourage you to explore both the inner and outer landscape of your world while connecting with other women in a safe and nurturing environment. 

what May I expect?

Your Destination

Nothing offers a sense of new perspective like travel.  Giving yourself permission to step away from the demands of your life is like opening a doorway to adventure, self-discovery, and restoration.

We have selected destinations that are among the most pristine on earth, far enough away from your day-to-day reality that they will change the way you see things and help renew your whole self - mind, body and soul.

Experiential Workshops and Practices

Insight.  That is what happens when you travel within.  Enjoy a safe and nurturing environment where our wellness expert will educate, support and inspire you to dive deep and discover the beauty of who you are.  Insight.  It changes everything.


Intentional practices via classical yoga bring ancient traditions to modern life.  Yoga retrains the brain as it aligns the body; creates new neural pathways, breaks patterns.  Yoga re-directs the inner cues that can guide you from habit and dis-ease, to wellness.  

The Result

A new, visceral, embodied sense of who you really are.  A deep connection with other women. A take-away of personal and practical techniques which you can use to continue to create a life of meaning and joy once you are back home.